SYME Taiwan


SYME是一所密集訓練英文課程(ESL)的中心, 教學方向以英文和門徒訓練課程為主

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SYMEは、英語と聖書を学び、リーダーシップを 身に付けるための学校です。

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한국어/조선말 SYME

모든 초빙 교수들은 각 분야에서 탁월성을 인 정 받는 교회지도자, 신학자, 우수 신학대학

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Come and Teach

We are seeking native English speakers to teach in our program for terms lasting three to eight months.

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Come and Study

The full course is 8 months of English-immersion, training students in 32 Christian discipleship and leadership topics. SYME also uses the Word of Life Bible club program to train students in youth ministry.

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Student Testimony

やっと終わった… もう後はMPTとTOEICに向けての勉強だけだ!とりあえず 700点以上を目指す!後、新しい交わり、そしてそこから大学についてのいい 情報も聞けたし、充実した日だった

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Masanori Michael Imai
SYME Japan

About SYME

SYME is an English-immersion school with locations in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. We provide the environment to help students improve English skills: pronunciation, listening, conversation, reading, and writing. Many SYME graduates are able to further their education overseas or to serve with international organizations.

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